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About Fresh Fish Today Marketing

Our promise to you.

We've cut our marketing teeth on both sides of the agency/corporate table; and that means we have been in your shoes before.  We understand the chaos of business and how you need a trusted resource who knows how to get things done to meet your objectives.

When you hire Fresh Fish Today Marketing, you'll receive high-value work for every marketing dollar you spend.  Why? Because our promise to you is simple.  You'll receive real-world experience coupled with small town work ethic; and isn't that a combination that spells success?  

We think so, too.      

Meet our Founder and Managing Director

Mike Dinndorf is an energetic and passionate marketing leader who has driven big brands, managed big budgets and nurtured millions of consumer touch points across his 25+ year career.  

He's done it all but don't let that fool you.

Mike is at his best when presented with marketing challenges that require his unique set of skills.  When you need it most, expect Mike to wear many hats and get his hands dirtier than a rough-neck in an Oklahoma oil field.  As he likes to say, "If you want to know the pulse of the customer, you won't truly feel it from the corner office."

Profile Image of Founder and Managing Director Mike Dinndorf, Fresh Fish Today Marketing
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